PROJECT 1: archival revival

The Client:  Campbell/ Smith Architects, Duxbury, MA.

The Space:  Archive room for ancient Greek objects and documents at a private residence.

The Challenge:  To paint a historically accurate Macedonian star on the ceiling of an architecturally classical 20' X 20' room and set up the needed scaffolding, yet not hinder the workmen and cabinet makers. After much research, a star design was decided upon, drawn on theater muslin, then painted in my studio . Next, it was professionally adhered to the ceiling. Once in place on the ceiling, I 'aged' it with a patina plaster and glazing techniques, making it appear as if it were created in 2000 BC. I then plastered the rest of the ceiling, giving it an ancient stuccoed feel. Finally, I distressed the star itself and applied gold leaf that would come alive with the lighting I recommended.

The Result:  Almost imperceptible until one looks up to discover a star that feels ancient and genuine. Some are convinced that it was removed from an archeological site in Northern Greece and installed in the ceiling.

IMG_0655 (1).JPG
We had a vision! Our clients wondered if it was possible to have the ceiling in their Archive room painted with a Macedonian Star. I contacted Henri, he was available within two weeks to meet, view the room, and draw a concept. He completed a magnificent ceiling. His talent is evident. Thank you Henri.
— Pamela Campbell Smith, AIA. Campbell Smith Architects

PROJECT 2: A reflection of  community  

The Client: Prominent Boston philanthropist.

The Space: Dining room of South End penthouse.

The Challenge:   To create the sensation of being in a 'golden box of chocolate' for a dining room 'with a view' and a table that can seat sixteen guests. It was decided to complement my hand-rubbed golden glazed walls, the dark wood table and the prune-colored banquette with a deep chocolate lacquer on the ceiling, applied painstakingly with a spray rather than a brush.  

The Result:  An infinite dark universe above the dining space for the communal energy to reflect and vibrate. A deeply rich and luxurious setting which absorbs, reflects and balances the star power in the room. Unnoticeably fabulous. Guests feel enveloped under a reflective cosmic sky.

DSCN8612 (1).JPG