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PROJECT 1: A dreamy guest bedroom

The Client  Boston couple looking to beautify a second home.

The Space   Summer home guest bedroom with views facing lawns, woods and ocean.

The Challenge   Create a wall mural that would be unique and memorable for guests. The custom color was the client's favorite, periwinkle blue, toned for the available light.  After the right base color was created and applied to the wall, together we chose a pattern from a settee fabric and I made templates of the design, placing the shapes on the wall to create a rhythmic composition. Once drawn on the wall, I hand painted them white and fine-tuned the details. 

The Result   Stunning  and lyrical but not imposing or in competition with the goings-on outside the windows.  As one awakens in the room, the feeling is of having clouds moving above your head. The experience of a hand-painted wall is similar to viewing a painting in a museum: unexpected beauty that stops the mind's chatter. 



PROJECT 2: a Passageway that beckons

The Client: Boston philanthropist, mother, international traveler and art collector who frequently hosts large social events.

The Space:  Three bedroom apartment in Atelier 505, a luxury South End building, with a long hallway leading to the bedrooms.

The Challenge:  Create both a personal intimate space and a warm social environment for evening entertaining.  Add an air of mystery to a long hallway with a mural that draws you in. Create exciting custom-blended colors to set off the owner's eclectic art works, creating a dialogue between the classic and the modern.

The Result:  A compelling assemblage of warmth, art, color, texture and spacial harmony.

Henri Koshen worked on all the colors in my home, from the ‘neutrals’ to the very rich jewel tones. He identified the colors, helped me choose fabrics, and painted the surfaces (all custom mixed colors, ranging from creamy pale walls to multi-layered coppery walls, layered golden hued walls, multi brown hues, soft lavender grays).

He has an intuitive sense of what enhances a space, making it unique and extraordinary. His lifelong passion as an artist hugely enhanced my project.

Henri Koshen also did a spectacular (and unusual and beautiful) mural that adds originality, warmth and mystery to my home. We worked on the project over the course of several years (my choice). I plan to work with him in the coming year on the complete renovation and redecoration of my summer home..
— Susan W.

PROJECT 3: LAKOTA indian mural 


The Client   Perry Restaurant Group. Dakota Steak House in Rocky Hill, CT.

The Space   A room in a 100 seat family restaurant.

The Challenge   To create a western plains Native American atmosphere for families gathering over an evening meal.  

The Result    From the dining tables, it gives the impression of looking through a window into an Indian village on the plains in the quietness of dusk.